Love Can Make You Healthier!

Many people make promises to become healthier, but nearly as many never seem to attain that goal. This discrepancy is usually because of a lack of motivation.Well, there is one thing that can help with increasing the enthusiasm for self-improvement and healthier habits that many people seem to forget about.

That thing is love.

Feeling Alone Can Negatively Impact Our Healthy Habits

One of the reasons why some people fall into unhealthy lifestyle habits like excessive eating and lack of exercise is that they are experiencing some levels of loneliness and feel the need to compensate for it.

They may say, “It shouldn’t matter what I look like since I am alone, so let me enjoy some eating and resting at least!”

And I agree. Enjoying the food we eat and allowing our bodies the appropriate amount of time to rest is very important. But that doesn’t mean that your appearance and your health don’t matter.

It does matter how you feel, and it does matter how you look to you!

Even though these emotions are quite understandable, unhealthy eating habits aren’t the best approach to handling the situation.

Harnessing The Power Of Love

Instead of resorting to unhealthy choices as a means to compensate for a lack of companionship, why not make the effort to find that special someone who would motivate you to be a better you? You already know who they are.

That special someone is you! You are your best version of yourself! You are your best companion!

When you make the efforts to be a healthier and fitter you, this will automatically create the foundation for increased self-confidence, happiness, and a more positive you. Love thy self, first! Self-Love.

How about being in love with you? Sounds good, huh?

Well, it’s a great start. Spiritual wisdom and subtlety come to mind here when it says: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” When you love yourself (not being vain or overly superficial), you will make the effort to always look and be your best, naturally, because you want to represent yourself well.

As a result, that motivation could (and should) serve as the call to action to become the healthier and happier version of yourself!

Motivation To Be A Healthier Team Player

Now, if you are in a relationship already, this should serve as a motivation to want to become healthier and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Taking that journey together can be a bonding experience that motivates you even more!

Moreover, need I mention that unhealthy eating habits and poor fitness levels can obstruct what may have been a healthy and happy sex life for two people in love? (Oh, and on that subject, sex is a great exercise so that’s another way love, or at least making it, could come into play during your healthy living journey.)

Now, Al Green once said, “Love can make you do wrong, can make you do right.”

I say it can make you find that comfortable healthy space!

Here’s to a healthy and happier you!

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