Ways to Keep Fit While Having Fun During the Fall

The air is cooler, the breezes are crisp, and we all love admiring the beautiful multi-colored leaves on the trees as we walk, jog, or run along the streets, parks, or paths.

I don’t know about you but for me, fall is the most gorgeous time of the year!

The views you get depend on where you are, but no matter what it looks like in your town, fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy some fall activities!

Here are some fun things to do to keep your body moving when you are tempted to curl up and hibernate!


Hiking can come in many forms: an urban hike, a dog-friendly hike, or the traditional hike in one of the many national parks.

Regardless of where you end up, hiking engages your stability and helps strengthen your lower body. According to James Thomas, a certified personal trainer, “A walk in the woods can up your heart rate, help boost your mood, and dial down stress and anxiety.”

Are you ready to hike through your environment?

Raking Leaves

Who didn’t love raking up a BIG pile and falling right onto those bright, brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow leaves! Give me a rake and let’s get to it!

Once you’ve raked up the leaves and played in them, it’s time to bag them! From start to finish, this entire routine can give you a whole-body workout and burn off some additional calories and stress. All while cleaning the yard!

Horseback Riding

So many people have no idea that horse backing riding is a form of exercise.

We may not all have the opportunity to take advantage of this fall workout, but if you do have the opportunity, please know that “horseback riding is a good workout for the core muscles and thighs,” according to Jody Braverman, a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.

For a greater calorie burn, build up to a more challenging gait like a long trot and canter, or work on skills like reining and cutting, per a 2015 study by researchers at Texas A&M University.”

Picking Apples or Pumpkins (Me and my family did this!)

I’m from a small town and I remember vividly going to the apple orchards and picking the fresh apples. We even bobbed for apples! It may sound corny now but what fun it was then!

As an adult, this childhood adventure is now a strengthening workout! Yes, you heard me! When picking apples, you are reaching, walking, squatting, twisting, and carrying the weight of the apples (apples are picked by the bushel). All of these movements help improve your range of motion.

So, when you enjoy this past time with your children and grandchildren, you are also helping your body!

Going through a Corn Maze

We did this one too!

This is not the best way to burn calories, but it sure is fun! Plus, corn mazes are a fantastic way to increase your daily steps!

Put a little more effort and pump those arms and pick up the pace and now you are power walking, which can burn more calories, but, more importantly, you are really moving!

Autumn is a great time to hang out with family and friends! Take in some of the cool, brisk air and enjoy the beautiful colors that only fall brings us!


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