Exercise Provides Wonderful Indirect Benefits

Exercise does burn extra calories and therefore does help to widen your calorie deficit.

But its direct effect on weight loss is typically quite small. In fact, it’s not uncommon to gain weight when you start exercising. The real weight reduction benefits of exercise are indirect ones. It raises our metabolic rate, helping us to burn calories at a slightly faster rate, and improves our mood, which typically reduces our need for comfort-eating.

However, don’t overdo your exercise workouts. Many people start exercising too vigorously and burnt out within 3 weeks. Ideally, start with 30 minutes/day of any physical activity you can easily manage, and very gradually increase the duration and intensity. Listen to your body at all times, and be sure to loosen up beforehand and wind down afterward!

See Yourself As You Want To Be!

If your goal is to reduce your weight by 10-20 pounds in order to feel and look pleasing to yourself, then don’t wait until it happens to “see” it! Visualize it from the moment you start exercising! Visualize yourself looking and feeling like the millionaire woman/man that you are!. Whatever your ambition for your body, get used to visualizing it in the greatest possible detail. Because “seeing it” is the first step to making it come true. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words!

Just Visualize The Benefits!

It’s not about just weight loss.  It’s about your optimal health and wellness.  On the subject of weight loss, you may not think that losing 26 pounds in three months is particularly advantageous. It is! And here is the reason why true healthy weight loss takes time. A time is meant to be enjoyable! We will enjoy the process of the journey! Losing 100 pounds takes about a year – typically a little longer to allow for the human experience of peaks and valleys. Fifteen months would be a more realistic time span.  Just visualize yourself walking down the street feeling and looking your absolute best! 

Let’s Walk It Out!

“Walk it, like you talk it!” Walking is one of the most gratifying lifelong activities you can choose! Walking is not considered a major calorie burner in general.  Considering 100 calories per mile is what the average person may burn. Walking is fun! You can walk alone with headphones and your favorite music or you can walk with someone whose company you enjoy! A Harvard Health Watch study finds on average a person of middle age gains a little over 2 pounds per year. Over a fifteen-year span, the study also finds that the same person that walks regularly, preferably, daily, gains significantly less weight. Get the right walking shoes and gear, and let’s begin! Now that you see yourself in motion, let’s add more motivation by sharing some other benefits of walking, the potential to lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

While it may not be a huge calorie burner — the average person burns about 100 calories or so per mile — adding more mileage to your day can make a big difference in weight control. According to Harvard Health Watch, one study found the average person gains about 2.2 pounds a year during middle age. However, over 15 years of research, the study found that individuals who walked regularly gained significantly less weight than those who didn’t.

Walking also offers plenty of health benefits, including lowering the risk of high blood pressureheart disease, and diabetes; reducing the risk of developing dementia and cancer, and even reducing fibromyalgia pain. Plus, walking may be even more beneficial than running. Walkers have a much lower risk of exercise-related injuries than runners, whose legs absorb about 100 tons of impact force in just one mile. So, if you’re just starting your fitness journey, know that fitness walking is a seriously good place to begin.


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